Innovation project for the industrial sector

We are pleased to announce that Pacertool has been granted 7.5M NOK by the Research Council of Norway for the Precision at the Heart of Heart Failure project, to contribute to the final R&D of the PaCRTool-System and initiate clinical regulatory activities. The grant is provided as an Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector and […]

Welcoming Maciej

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Heart Rhythm 2021 – Pacertool Biomaker

Heart Rhythm 2021 – Pacertool Biomarker The Pacertool Biomarker was presented in four different posters at the annual Heart Rhythm Society meeting in Boston July 2021. The posters highlight the Biomarker nature of the proprietary Pacertool measurement (Time delay to peak Left Ventricular Pressure Rise -Td) that with high precision detects patients amenable to Cardiac […]