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Pacertool is solving a 20-year-old problem for heart failure patients: the ability to improve the outcome of biventricular pacemaker implantations (CRT). Pacertool aims to be first to market in the US and Europe with a proprietary medical device to address this unmet medical need.  

Currently, 30-40% of the heart failure patients needing resynchronization have no effect of a CRT implantation and around 10% of the patients are doing worse after the implant. This affects around 30,000 patients per year and constitutes an estimated annual burden of more than USD 1B to the healthcare systems in the US and Europe. Promoting value-based healthcare, Pacertool has the potential to reduce these costs and at the same time increase the market and effectiveness of the biventricular pacemakers being implanted. 

Pacertool will over the next years complete the PaCRToolTM System and enter clinical and regulatory processes to validate the technology. The company targets the US market with a staged regulatory strategy establishing early clinical data and reimbursement for the technology. 

The company was founded by Dr. Hans Henrik Odland in 2019 and has completed the first clinical proof-of-principle clinical trial in 45 heart failure patients. Pacertool has established a dedicated team of medical device professionals in Oslo, Norway. The team has a deep understanding of R&D processes for SW, hardware and advanced intracardiac electrophysiology catheters.  

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We are dedicated to making a difference for heart failure patients and the healthcare systems around the world. To achieve this objective, we are seeking excellent professionals and engineers who are sharing our vision and values. If you are interested to join our team, please contact us at

Dr. Hans Henrik Odland
Dr. Hans Henrik Odland, Founder & CMO

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