The PaCRTool-system is a dedicated electrophysiology system for the implantation laboratory that also enables the measurement of the proprietary Pacertool biomarker Td to demonstrate Synergy from biventricular pacing. The system resembles an EP-system and incorporates the display of signals (ECG, EGM) and enhances the utility of fluoroscopy for simplified visualization of the heart, SC angiograms and simple navigation (with a potential for also reducing fluoroscopy).

It is possible to include patient specific heart models and generate 3D Coronary veins reconstructions to overlay the fluoroscopy images. The system facilitates the effective placement of pacing leads with a better understanding of anatomic and electrophysiologic properties of the heart by mapping onto a specific heart model.

The Pacertool SW is the user interface that provides implantation aids to the Physician in addition to the measurements so that the physician can do implantations seamlessly without interruption while optimizing and validating the CRT implantation. The biomarker ensures effective cardiac synergy with optimal lead placement.

The novel integration of fluoroscopy in the displays enables digital zoom and annotations to improve guidance, together with ECG display, to facilitate conduction system pacing.

On top of this, the system works as a simple EP system and can be used for AV node ablations and PES. This will enable the device expert to provide treatment for Atrial fibrillation in device patients and risk stratification prior to or in conjunction with ICD implantation.